#thebaylife Photography Contest by The Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa


All the beach, travel lovers, gear up for this exciting contest coming your way. The Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa is opening up entries for the top 3 photographers who showcase the true bay life of Sheraton Grand Resort & Spa, Mahabalipuram and Chennai – #thebaylife

Post two best pictures of Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa and one picture each of Mahabalipuram & Chennai on Instagram & Facebook tagging Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa and using #thebaylife. Top 3 winners with best pictures win exciting gifts. 

Rules* of #thebaylife contest: 

1. To post on Facebook:

a. Select 2 pictures of Sheraton Grand Resort & Spa Mahabalipuram, and then one picture of Chennai & one picture of Mahabalipuram. 

b. Give an appropriate caption to your picture explaining why you selected the pictures. 

c. Among other hashtags, also use – #thebaylife

d. Tag – Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa 

e. Add Location – to Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa, Mahabalipuram 

2. Please follow the page on Instagram & Facebook to make your entries eligible.

3. The Contest starts on 23rd May, 2022 post 12 PM and end on 5th June, 2022 at 12 PM.

4. Any entries before and after the contest start & ending time will not be acceptable.

5. The entries will be judged by a special panel appointed by the Sheraton Grand Resort & Spa Mahabalipuram.

6. No dispute or questions will be addressed in regard to the results, as they are based purely on skill and experience of the professionals and cannot be questioned.

 *Terms & Conditions applied



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