The Year That Was: Holistic Wellness with 1000 Petals


2018 saw a flurry of startups in every lifestyle sector, be it food, fashion, wellness, beauty and more. Bengaluru is always buzzing with activity and there’s always something new and innovative with myriad choices to pick from. Many promising new ventures set shop in the city this year. Here’s a lowdown on some of them that left us impressed hands down…


1000 Petals is a centre dedicated to healing and renewal in a lush and inspiring environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul. Their mosaic of diverse programmes are of the highest quality, taught with the deep knowledge that let you step out of the stress of everyday life and into the present moment of bliss.

The floatation tank: Perfect for today’s day and age where we lead such stressful lives as it has multiple benefits. Floatation Therapy was born out of the brain of a magnificent scientist, Dr. John C. Lilly to explore and experiment with consciousness, and effects of no gravity on human beings, effects of sensory reduction and the activity has had new age stigma ever since. Research proves that the float Therapy or R.E.S.T. (Restrictive environmental stimulation Technique) can aid in our daily well-being in an unprecedented way. Floating has been proven to be useful in treating stress and anxiety-related conditions and enhance mood, problem-solving abilities, super learning and creativity. It promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation, eliminates fatigue and jet lag, improves sleep, alleviates stress, energises, rejuvenates and revitalises, increases motivation, facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions, stimulates left/right brain synchronisation, creates mental clarity, increases creativity, relieves pain, reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption and so much more.

How does it work: The Antigravity Explanation – The buoyancy afforded by the dense Epsom salt solution eliminates the body’s specific gravity, bringing the floater close to an experience of total weightlessness. Gravity, which has been estimated to occupy 90 percent of all central nervous system activity, is probably the single largest cause of human health problems – the bad backs, sagging abdomens, aching feet, painful joints, and muscular tension that result from our unique but unnatural upright posture. This theory asserts that, by freeing our brain and skeletal system from gravity, floating liberates vast amounts of energies and large areas of the brain to deal with matter of mind, spirit, and enhanced awareness of internal states. It also works wonders on the brain.

The Lucia Light Machine: The Lucia N°03 provides a deep limbic system relaxation while simultaneously encouraging a unique transcendental journeying experience. Experience a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition and sense of wholeness. White light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland and central brain, creating a visual experience of one’s own design. The inner consciousness of the traveller produces scenes of indescribable beauty and each person’s experience is completely different. Music enhances the experience as the mind combines the two stimuli, generating synesthesia – the experience of seeing music. Faced with the artistry of their inner consciousness, light travellers cannot help but to re-evaluate their perception.  Each experience is as unique as the person in the light. It helps in decalcification of the Pineal Gland also known as the Third Eye. One of the roles of the pineal gland is to detect white light through closed eyes.  Light is received by the pineal gland, which is responsible for regulating sleep patterns. Some of the benefits include reduced anxiety and stress, reduced fear and depression, sense of wholeness, increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability, increased creativity, physical healing, restful sleep, health and longevity and access to Astral travels and inner journeying.

People behind the making: Amitabh Swetta and Vartika Gupta, founders 1000 Petals are ardent believers that the abundance of energy within all of us has to be realised and that’s why they’re doing their bit to help those who want to spiritually ascend in their lives.

Where: 1000 Petals, 900, 1st B Cross, Kalyan Nagar, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, H Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Call: 096868 44770



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