The Year That Was: Foxtrot House of Subculture


2018 saw a flurry of startups in every lifestyle sector, be it food, fashion, wellness, beauty and more. Bengaluru is always buzzing with activity and there’s always something new and innovative with myriad choices to pick from. Many promising new ventures set shop in the city this year. Here’s a lowdown on some of them that left us impressed hands down…


Ambience: Designed by Chetana Vij Sharma and executed by Atul Anand, Foxtrot, House of Subculture, made like a fraternity house is Bengaluru’s new address for good times. Made for corporate mavericks and those looking for the alternative, it’s a space split between bohemian French Quarters, Balcony Suites and an open-air garden Frat House. A warm outdoorsy space perfect for a quick coffee break or lunch date with friends during the day greets you at Foxtrot; the space transitions into a hip groovy cobbled garden with live music by evening, naturally becoming the destination to unwind. The first level features a community room with networking walls, or a balconette setup as an art studio for the amateur painter in you, or a Parisienne room with an eclectic and rather interesting art collection that makes for a great diner. And… there are bed slippers for working warriors to chill post work, private party rooms for those crazy nights, a special all-day coffee menu, an art studio and even a networking wall to find and connect with new people.

Men behind the making: Cofounders of Azure Hospitality, Rahul Khanna and Kabir Suri state, “Foxtrot as a brand is meant to redefine dining out experiences bringing more than just F&B in a space. We hope to bring more Foxtrots through the year across India to help bring about a change in how eateries are perceived, and take them beyond to spaces that foster community engagement and nurture local talent.”

What’s hot: The menu is a global mix of small plates and some large plate options with a leaning towards forgotten hyper local Indian creations. Foxtrot has a mélange of Indian dishes with global ingredients and vice versa. Chef Sudhanshu, Head of Cuisine, Foxtrot, says “Foxtrot menu presents a selection of fusion hyper local creations, continental recipes, and even Asian dishes. This menu is made to please many palates and showcases some interesting signature twists on traditional.” Tapas – A wide assortment of short eats like Beetroot Galouti grounded chat masala, saffron khasta roti, Soya Keema Pyramids with hot honey glaze and popped amaranth, or Paneer Baked Bhattura spoils one for choice here. Signature Non-vegetarian appetizers include Mangalore Highway Chicken Wings or Roasted Pork Belly or China Town Chilli Chicken. Momos, Baos & Paos – From vegetarian Schezwan style to Tibetan style or Chilli Chicken, are for those Momo cravings. Chickpea Truffle Patty Bao or Bombay Pao Bhajji or Keema Ghotala Sloppy Pao with fried egg make for juicy baos or Indianized Paos! Pizzas, Flatbreads & Kulchas – Classic Olives and Sundried Tomato or Meat Lovers Pizzas, or Mexican Kulcha or Old School Indian Kulcha with aloo chokha are fresh takes on the hot seller dilli bread. Keema Flatbread and Chorizo Kulcha serve non-veg hunger pangs! Mains & Tiffin Combos – From vegetarian dishes like Cheese Fondue, Vegetable Enchiladas, Wild Mushroom Risotto, or non-vegetarian recipes like Sri Lankan Spiced Mutton/Chicken with Malabar Paratha, Spiced Chilli Fish served with rice, or Bacon Mac & Cheese, or a non-experimental Grilled Fish served with olives, sundried tomato crushes potatoes with lemony cherry tomato garlic confit; there’s really myriad options to drool at. Nitro cocktails make way to the city with this menu; a growing trend world over for cold brew beverages, Foxtrot menu presents Nitro Gibson G&T, yes you heard that right. A truly sly cocktail What a Match(a) with whiskey, matcha tea, ginger syrup can be a good under cover beverage for day drinkers. Vodka based cocktails like Levitate with rosemary, lime juice and pomegranate syrup, or Passion Pit with passion fruit and vanilla make for great potions.

Where: Foxtrot House of Subculture, #17 SBI Colony, Koramangala Block 3, Bengaluru.  Call: 080 4302 2526/7, 9606485608. Meal for two: Rs 1400 plus taxes with alcohol.



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