The Water Taxis of Delhi!


The city of New Delhi might get a new system of Transport as an alternative to reduce traffic congestion, If things as per plan water taxis might soon be a reality in Delhi in the near future. As per the news reports, the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has been mandated to implement the water transportation project to shorten the travel time between Wazirabad to Fatehpur Jat from 3.5 hours to 45 minutes.

Referring to this development, the Ministry of Shipping stated that the IWAI proposes to develop River Yamuna in Delhi for the purpose of tourism in a sustainable way. The reports also mentioned that the Yamuna Water Taxi Project will be a new means for urban transportation. It is expected that this will not only give a boost to tourism but will also help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

The Yamuna river taxi project has been convinced as an integrated development project that combines several functions such as terminal development and vessel operations. The project will cover a total length of 16 km, which will be around five locations on the banks of River Yamuna; the locations will include Delhi, Fatehpur Jat, Tronica City, Jagatpur, Wazirabad, and Sonia Vihar.



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