The Village Without Roads


The charming Dutch Village Giethoorn located in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands is Completely car-free and laced with over four miles of canals. The only mode of transport in this quaint town is by boat via the waterways. The stillness, space, and nature make the journey through this ‘Dutch Venice’, simply unforgettable. It is so beautiful that one can’t just get enough of this place. Your vacation will be laced with serenity as the only noise you will hear is that of the quaking of ducks. If you love to spend time on the water, this is your place to be like most of the houses are accessible only via waterways. Giethoorn is known for its idyllic beauty, lakes, flowers, and wooden bridges. Here in this Netherland village without roads, the locals use punts to get around and cars have to be parked on the outskirts of the village.

Here you will be amazed to see that Dutch really love to live with and around water. You can reach this amazing village from the city of Amsterdam after driving for around an hour and a half. You will be required to park your vehicle near the village center. To roam around the place, you can stroll around or take a canoe or bike on rent. Punter, which is the most popular style of transportation here, can also be tried to experience the thrill.. Often called ‘Little Venice’ Giethoorn is around 5 km southwest of Steenwijk. Earlier, the place used to be a pedestrian zone, but things are changing now. An interesting fact about this place—it has more than 180 bridges and is very popular among Chinese tourists.

‘Giethoorn is a popular winter holiday destination among ice skating enthusiasts. Surrounded by a huge expanse of natural reservation land, you can ice skate both on the canals and on the nearby lakes. The locals here use the network of waterways for the purpose of ice-skating. Since you will find many hotels and holiday homes right at the edge of the water, finding accommodation will not be an issue no matter when you plan your trip here, i.e., winter or summer. It is however not advisable to visit this place during winter due to extreme weather conditions.



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