The Shop – Mulmul Mela – April 2nd and 3rd at Amethyst


The Shop

Tracing the footprints of the creators of The Shop, takes us on a rewind of more than forty years when a passion for heritage weaves in textiles and traditional crafts, took them searching through remote villages across the country, taking upon themselves the task of being the interface between ancient craft techniques and the etching of a gainful means of livelihood for generations of these rural mavericks.

A humble husband and wife team , thus opened an entirely new trajectory of sustained commercial activity to give ancient crafts a new impetus, while taking with them an entire set of competent people and The Shop to dizzying heights. Thus unfolded one of the first launching grounds of Indian textiles in contemporary designs   ,innovated by them into home linen and garments as they captivated buyers in the world markets as well as domestic connoisseurs with an eye for the ethnic with contemporary overtures.

 Thus began their undaunted journey which today through their brain child, The Shop ; works with award winning master craftsmen and their families and those in remote tribal villages, to sustain them into a better means of livelihood. As they shone the light on individual social responsibility, The Shop today works with NGO’s like Disha in Calcutta, taking care of street children to give them education ; old age homes, scouting appliqué work from Aligarh and wooden artifacts from bijnor, to name a few. Even today the heritage factory bespeaks environmental concerns, as we are taken aback to see a giant open atrium streaming in fresh air and light to dissipate toxic fumes  ; a concept envisaged then with respect to today’s global concerns ! Every piece of scrap goes into a green production zone as they metamorphose into stuffed toys, wall décor, cushion covers and the likes .Recycled effluents , harvested rain water and solar heated water run through pipelines to meet hot water requirements .

As The Shop continues to deliver the world over, a spring/ summer and fall /winter collection of exquisite bed and table linen, stylized skirts ,kurtas , kimonoes , night wear and beachwear ; a range for kids, men and women in ethnic and mesmerizing weaves and colours..

We would like to invite you to speak to the people behind The Shop – Kabir and Aishwarya.  Do get back to us so we can set up the interviews.

Mulmul Mela exhibition

Date: April 2nd and 3rd

Venue: Amethyst, Whites Road

Time: 10 am to 8 pm



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