The Reverse Waterfall in Maharashtra


Out of all the waterfalls discovered in India, the Naneghat waterfall in Maharashtra is less known to the public. Naneghat is a place, located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra near Junnar in Pune. It is located about three hours from Mumbai. It is a cryptic mountain, from where flows a waterfall in the reverse direction.

The reason behind it is that the strong force of the winds that push the gushing waters upwards. Interestingly, this trekking route was used for carrying out trade many centuries ago; perhaps, during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

There are ancient caves and rock-cut pots telling tales of the bygone times witnessed by this place. Almost every visitor, who makes it to Naneghat would agree that it is like a heaven on earth when seen from the top.



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