The reason why A.R. Rahman converted to Islam


The original name of A.R.Rahman is Dilip Kumar. He converted to Islam along with his family after the death of his father and before the release of his first major project Roja. He has climbed the ladder of success and even put India on the global map by winning the Oscar award. Rahman does not believe in imposing his religious beliefs on others as it is a personal choice. He said that many people have asked him questions that if they would become successful if they too converted to Islam but he prefers not to reply. He stated that spiritual teachers, Sufi teachers as well as his mother taught him things that are very special. He feels that there are special things in every faith. According to Rahman, prayer is something that has been very beneficial and has saved him from many falls. It also stops a person from doing wrong things and helps one to remain peaceful.

It may be recalled that his daughter Khatija was criticised for wearing a burqa at an event and how she stood her ground without seeking her father’s help. Rahman when asked to comment on it said that he would wear a burqa too if it was possible and it would make life easy for him to go out and shop.However, as males are not supposed to wear a burqa, he does not wear one.



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