The Queen of Fish


As the monsoon arrives so does the tradition of celebrating the HILSA – the most sought after dish and the pride of Bengal. And giving diners the perfect opportunity to enjoy its distinctive, simplistic and quintessential flavours, Oh! Calcutta, the city’s popular Bengali restaurant, presents the ‘Hilsa Food Festival’. Bringing together the ancient and classic flavours of the Ilish through a variety of exciting preparations, the exhaustive menu includes both, the evergreen timeless recipes like the Smoked Hilsa, an adaptation of a recipe from the British Raj, as well modern creations like the Ilish Fish Fingers. The other mouth watering delicacies showcase the fish in various textures and flavours, with interesting pairings like the Bhapa Ilish (Steamed Hilsa), Mochar Ilish (Hilsa and Banana Flower), Ilish Paturi (Steamed Hilsa in Banana Leaves), Posto Narkol Ilish (Hilsa with Poppy Seeds and Coconut), Lal lonkar Ilish (Hilsa in a Spicy, Tangy Gravy) among many others. The Hilsa Food Festival is ongoing at Oh! Calcutta, and will be observed throughout the month of July. Where: Oh! Calcutta, #14, Church Street 2nd floor Above Mainland China, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
When: 12 pm to 3.30 pm & 7 pm to 11 pm. 
Call: 080 25326614.



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