The Oye-Oye star turns yogini: Sangeeta Bijlani


The doe-eyed beauty has managed to move on gracefully and has mastered the art of meditation and yoga.

By Namita Gupta

She’s called Bijli by her close friends and despite staying away from the film industry for a while now, Sangeeta Bijlani still exudes a magnetic charm, as she talks to RITZ about her love for yoga, her fitness routine and her love for blogging. Sangeeta’s face lights up as she smiles and reveals how she swears by the art of meditation and yoga.

“I have been meditating for 20 years now and I have realised the only and the best method of releasing stress is to shut your phone, unplug your computer and all other gadgets and align the mind-body-spirit with meditation. If in meditation we can affect the stress response, we can affect the ageing process, which is the reason why meditators look young and live longer. Your skin begins to shine, you look brighter and youthful, and there is a healthy glow which transcends age. Meditation is powerful. So, for those who would like to stay youthful forever there is nothing better than indulging in meditation. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. If you meditate 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night, you will begin to see amazing benefits. For me meditation is the most effective tool and the answer to a youthful, healthier and happier life. I believe in the magic of meditation,” effuses Sangeeta as she swears by the power of yoga and meditation.

In Bengaluru, for an event, Sangeeta shares her experience, “My time spent at the Krishna Wellness Centre was truly a joyful one. I arrived a day before the 5k Walkathon as Mimi Partha Sarathy and I wanted to catch up. The Yoga centre is beautiful and serene and has a calming effect on the mind the moment you step in. I enjoyed spending my time here getting to know her trainers and we did a few yoga asanas which felt extremely relaxing. It was a long day and it was dinner time by then and her mom fed me with the most mouth-watering dosas and idlis and the best rasmalais I have ever had. Next morning we were up and about at 6 am and all set to begin the 5k Walkathon at 7.30 am. The place was suddenly swarmed with kids and adults all ready in their colourful tees, tracks and caps. You had to see the energy and enthusiasm amongst all and luckily the rain-gods favoured us with perfect weather, even during the peak monsoon season. Amongst many cheers from the local people, yogis and the ebullient participants began the 5k Walkathon from the Krishna Wellness Centre. During the walk it was such a pleasure to know and interact with many eminent personalities of Bengaluru, who were all a part of this wonderful cause, as were the adorable kids from Ashwini Charitable Trust. After the Walkathon and back at the Centre there was prize distribution after which we were served some delicious South Indian breakfast that was rounded off with incredible coffee. Next up was a beautiful chanting session arranged for all guests which was completely tranquil and took you into a meditative state. It was indeed a pleasant experience and I’m so glad to be a part of it all.”
Talking of her current passion, the doe-eyed beauty adds, “This year I have begun writing blogs on once every fortnight. I am enjoying it as I have discovered a new facet to my personality which I didn’t know existed until one of my friends encouraged me to try my hand at it. I write on various topics about life, from watching other people’s experiences in relationships, on beauty, friendship, love and anything that I feel like. I also keep busy making appearances and attending events all over India and travel abroad too from time to time. I was approached by a couple of film makers and read a script too though I haven’t been able to give it the nod. I am also in talks to do a commercial for a product. But what keeps me satisfied is something more meaningful than all this. I spend three hours daily in pranayam, yoga and meditation. I am fitness conscious so every evening I am at the gym for two hours. I love watching movies so once a week my friends and I get together and go to the theatre, binging on popcorn and a movie. I love to go and spend time at the farmhouse and go trekking, cycling and swimming and just being in sync with nature.”



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