The Muse Room and Bartender Presents ‘Jhanu’ !


 Jhanu All Set To Rock Bangalore On Friday Night With Its Live Performance! 

The Muse Room from Kochi gears up for its second performance in Bangalore at the Bartender, Koramangala on February 3rd, 2017. The music band, Jhanu from Chennai will perform live at the Venue at 9.30pm. Book your seats now at!

muse 2

About the Band:

‘JHANU is a Tamil rock band, the first of its kind to have successfully blended the energy of modern rock with the aesthetics of poetic Tamil; the combination of which has resulted in their numerous live performances in South India over the past two years. Originally formed as a two member band by brothers Jhanu Chanthar and Udhay Bharath for a walk-in competition, JHANU has gone on to enthral crowds of over thousands and headline several shows at major fests, along with leading acts such as Avial and Skrat. Since releasing their first single and music video “Prachanai” online in July 2013, JHANU has gone on to released two more successful singles. Their growing popularity was amplified through the popular Kappa TV live music show, Music Mojo, where they performed six songs; the videos of which have been released on YouTube. Echoing freedom of expression, JHANU’s music – all original compositions – retain a unique individuality where each song has its own story to tell’, as mentioned on FB. 



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