The Most Important Medicine To Fight Corona Is Not Letting Fear Affect You: Vishal


There had been reports of actor Vishal and his father, producer-actor GK Reddy, having tested positive for coronavirus. The actor took to his social media page to announce that his father, his manager, and he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. He wrote, “Yes it’s True, my Dad was tested Positive, by helping him I had the same symptoms of High Temperature, Cold, Cough & was the same for my Manager. All of us took Ayurvedic Medicine & were out of Danger in a week. We are now Hale & Healthy.”

Now, the actor shared a 4-odd-minute-long video to talk about how he fought the virus. He tweeted, “I have shared many Tweets on my Movies & several Social Causes, but this one is something very important according to me… I decided that it is important to share this experience of mine based on Humanity.” In the preview to the video, Vishal said that one of the main reasons why he wanted to share this message was to tell people to not be scared before or after corona. “I’m also not advocating a form of medicinal practice or it’s not an advertisement for a doctor. This is for humanity’s sake,” he said.

Vishal further said in the video. “Yes, my father was tested positive. I didn’t take appa to the hospital. Sorry, I’m not against the hospital or anything like that. I took care of him at home. When I was taking care of him, I got the same symptoms – temperature above 100-103, and cold and cough the next day. My manager Hari also had the same symptoms. We took Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicine. Our temperature and symptoms reduced in four days. In the next seven days, we were perfectly alright.”He continued, “This video is to only convey that we became alright by taking Ayurvedic medicine. I’m not saying this to advocate Ayurvedic medicine or sell Ayurvedic products. So, I am sharing it. I will also share the medicine on Twitter. My sincere thanks to Dr. Hari, he’s like a God.”

Vishal said that he understood what the most important medicine for corona is. “Before testing positive or after being tested positive, please don’t get scared. The most important medicine is, be courageous, and don’t let fear affect you. Have the will that you will definitely fight corona. That worked for my dad. And his confidence cured me. I also self-quarantined and took a tablet. We are back to work and we have made sure that nobody else is getting affected by us,” he said.




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