The modern menu and the men behind it: Amit Ahuja


They’re known to transform the staid to the splendid, ordinary to the extraordinary and all this with complete panache and finesse. They can go to extraordinary lengths to serve that one perfect meal that will leave a lasting impression. Their offerings whipped from the freshest ingredients can make any diner sink in their teeth and go gaga over their epicurean delights. And it’s not just about the food memories they help create that tend to last a lifetime, but also the extreme reverence and warmth with which they handle their modus operandi. Meet these restaurateurs who are at the helm of culinary affairs in their kitchens serving a treasure trove of culinary treats and are clearly the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

Text: Namita Gupta

Amit Ahuja, founder, The Open Box and Misu

The dapper young restaurateur studied in Bengaluru, but owes it all to the Embassy Group, where he learnt the ropes and honed his skills for 12 years, interning at every single department of the organisation, before heading one. The entrepreneurial plunge: After his long work stint with the Embassy Group, Amit decided to venture out on his own and launched The Open Box. “The subsequentappreciation we received for the concept gave us a big high and the belief that we were capable of coming up with concepts that people would appreciate,” states Amit.

Technovations: Known to have garnered quite a following for his food at both hisoutlets, in a short span of time, Amit feels, “In the restaurant industry we have no choice but to keep up with the trends that will continue to evolve and change. Right now thankfully, the focus is back on the food itself rather than how it is being served. The novelty attached to quirky service design doesn’t last too long if the food is not a home run by itself.”

Culinary trails: “My wife Pratiksha and I are complete foodies ourselves and we make sure that we experiment and try new concepts as much as possible when we are travelling. Recently as part of our research for MISU, we travelled to Thailand and Singapore to check out the various new trends in pan Asian food that were created with the international audience in mind,” states Amit.

-TOB & MISU, 4th floor, No.9, Halycon Complex, St. Marks Road, Bengaluru.



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