The Legacy of Luxury: ‘EKAM’


Luxury brand EKAM announces the launch of six new perfume sprays. The fragrances have been inspired by some well-known international aromas. Each of the fragrances is designed as a vibe that will enchant your senses and will keep you feeling fresh for up to 8 hours!

The fragrances have been sourced from top French, Italian fragrance houses, and are long-lasting fragrances.The attractive packaging is an amalgamation of trendy & contemporary design, which is compact & fits in your handbag.

Perfume lovers will have a journey of olfactory indulgence, with EKAM’s perfume variants with a dramatic theme based on the geographical locations such as the Weekends in Goa was inspired by the never-ending energy of this world famous beach city. The perfume has berry and floral notes standing on a delicious vanilla base. It will make you feel bright and young. Then, you have Evenings in Santorini. This aroma was inspired by the soft elegance of Santorini. It has floral notes combined with wood and honey and gives you a delicious and soft feeling. There is also one called Sightseeing in Barcelona. This aroma one was inspired by the ever-vibrant pulse of Barcelona. The fragrance is energizing as it has citrus, floral and woody notes. Next is Destination Wedding in Udaipur. This heady scent was inspired by the irresistible charm of Udaipur. It has heady floral and amber notes and makes you feel romantic and warm. You also have Chilling in Hauz Khas. The class of Hauz Khas inspired this fragrance. It offers a bright and reassuring feel with its floral, aromatic, and woody notes. And, finally, there is High Tea in London. This particular perfume was inspired by the elegance that represents London. With floral, fruity, and musky notes, the scent is fresh and feminine. 

The perfumes are available in stores and online in 3 sizes:5ml @ ₹150,60ml @ ₹450, and 120ml @ ₹750.

Shoppers can buy these perfume sprays as great gifts for friends, birthdays, weddings, and so on. The perfumes can also be worn at weddings or used on a daily basis. The perfumes are available in stores and online and are available in three different sizes.

Ms. Aarti Koya – CEO, EKAM, commented. “We are delighted to announce the launch of EKAM’s range of fragrance, our brand focuses on delivering the highest quality of perfumes by extracting real floral nectars from the fields, which gives our buyers an element of freshness all day and adds an essence to every personality and occasion.”

Blended in EKAM’s factory in Mangalore, the fragrances have been designed so that you experience some internationally renowned perfumes at an affordable prices. The delicate scents come in sleek bottles and are among the best affordable options for luxury fragrances you would want to reach out for whatever the occasion.



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