The Jungles of Agumbe Beckons to the Adventurers!


This Weekend, Redrawlife organises another adventure – A Jungle Trek to Agumbe! 

“Famous for the “ Malgudi Days”, Agumbe is a village in the western reaches of Karnataka’s Shimoga district. A forest like Agumbe takes more than a thousand years to reach its maturity and ecological balance. Which basically means if we start a forest today it will take more than a 1000 years to reach the level of Agumbe. It is full of all kind of of flora and fauna like King Cobra, insects, flowers, piders, fungi etc. The idea is simple, trek to the top of the Narasimha Parvata and stay in the villages for a night. We will also be dipping in waterfalls while listening to the sounds of the jungles. This is one among the very few unforgettable experiences that the monsoons have gifted us with” explains redrawlife.


The adventure begins on September 30th at 8pm and you will be back home on October 3rd.  If you have it in you, Book Now:



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