The Juicy Groover


Drive across Chennai and you are sure to see Sanjay Jayaraman’s face splashed on billboards. Walk into the Russian Cultural Centre on a Saturday and you are sure to get your groove on with one of the best contemporary dancers in the city. That is unless he’s out teaching Argentinians and Brazilians how to move it or on a set, shooting.  Sanjay Jayaraman’s latest short film Kolza for Karthik Subbaraj’s Bench Culture has sure been receiving rave reviews.


An alumnus of New York Film Academy, one can certainly hope to see him on the big screen soon enough. Being fit is as part of the job description and Sanjay likes to couple his long hours of yoga and strength training with his favourite fruit juices in the kitchen. Though he experiments with his vitalizer smoothies, his personal favourite is the tangy orange juice with his Hurom slow juicer. He tells us his next dance video Yellow Horizon shot in Hong Kong is up for release soon.

Clothes: Splash

Styled by: Studio 9696

Location courtesy: Vivanta by Taj – Connemera



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