The JD Annual Design Awards Sets The Ramp On Fire


The programme witnessed charismatic glitz and glamour with divas adorning captivating outfits

The JD Annual Design Awards 2017 organised by the premiere design school- JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin, witnessed the ultimate package of entertainment. The programme was a charismatic glitz of the glamour world where divas cast in the most captivating outfits designed by the students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. The star-studded event at Crowne Plaza was the entry point for JD Cochin to venture into the galore of glitz and glamour.

Amidst day full of fun, frolic and frenzy, JD Annual Design Awards concluded with the numerous thrilling events that attracted loads of people from all over the coastal city. The event commenced with lighting the lamp ceremony by Managing Trustee Mr. Nealesh Dalal, Director South Ms. Sandra Agnes and the beautiful actress Ms. Prayaga Martin. JD Annual Design Awards is an annual graduate fashion show, a much awaited event that acts as a mirror to the latest trends and themes in fashion.


This year, once again, JD Institute of Fashion Technology had its finger on the pulse of a new wave in fashion with its dramatic, awe-inspiring 2017 theme-Future Origins. Future Origins, as the name suggests, interested in the origins of a new future. Rapid urbanisation, blatant consumerism and continued exploitation of people and natural resources for profit, has caused many in both developed and developing countries to question the capitalist lifestyles we have taken for granted as the culmination of progress. And Future Origins is a return-to-roots manifesto for that future. It telescopes into three relevant and powerful ideas to make that new future possible: Innovation, Sustainability, and Ethics.

The event was choreographed by eminent choreographer Rahul Dev Shetty as professional models set the ramp on fire. The event was attended by the Who’s Who of Kerala. Panache Hair|Skin|Bridal| Lounge, our beauty partner did a fabulous job. event was also supported by Mahindra and Ranju Edison, a designer who exhibited her collection at the event. F360 was our model management partner.

Among some of the best collections of the day, JD Cochin students, Anupam, Pallavi and Anju came up with an unconventional bridal collection created to ground break traditional norms. Drawing inspiration from Mughal architecture and imagery of Taj Mahal in the moonlight; the collection is contemporary and enchanting. The framework of the collection was supported by the idea of recycling old silk sarees and recovered denims for embellishments and embroidery works. Another group of students-Asheera N.M, Sarannya S Nair, Soumya H and Eugin George came up with Pop Piplee which was an eccentric and vibrant collection inspired from street art and importance of women empowerment. The collection name was synonymous to appliqué work which incorporated graffiti into knitted wear. Prioritizing the
concept of sustainable fashion, the designers had up-cycled appliqué materials that were made out of recycled denim, up-cycled fabric from umbrella and quirky prints from T-shirts. Meanwhile, Aartha Parambrya designed by Stiffy Anoop, Sumi Sunny and Liya K J is a collection that depicts the values of a traditional culture and Indo-western fusion and inspired by the elements used in the popular dance
form Kathakali and butterfly. The garments have incorporated the sustainability factor by the usage of recycled embellishments such as mirror frames, beads, wooden threads and laces.

The fashion show also created a record as it witnessed who’s who from the celebrity circle. Some of the top names like Shani Shaki, Gopi Sundar, Prayaga Martin, Diya Parveen (Showstopper), Drisya (Showstopper), Mareena Michael Kurisimgal (Showstopper), Rasna, Megha Mathew(showstopper) Reji Baskar, Richard Antony, Biyon, were there to encourage the budding designers.



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