The goodness of Olive oil


The uses of Olive oil are so many and it is so versatile that it can be used both internally and externally. Olive oil is the only oil closer in chemical structure to the skin’s natural oil than any other naturally occurring oil. It has regenerative power over skin tissue and thus regular usage ensures that your skin remains soft and smooth while keeping it toned and firmed. Make a paste using olive oil and mashed avocados and apply it on your face. Let it work on your skin for 20-25 minutes and then rinse. This mask will leave your skin rejuvenated.  You can also use it for for deep conditioning your hair, take equal quantities of olive oil and water and mix them together. Apply this on your scalp just after you have shampooed. Let this mixture work its magic for 5-10 minutes followed by another round of rinsing with shampoo.


Olive oil is cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrate-free. While cooking and sautéing, do not heat it for too long as olive oil has tendency to burn easily and this makes it lose all its benefits. Just heat the oil for not more than 20-30 seconds and use it. You also need to take care that 80% of the antioxidant components in olive oil are lost in the process of refinement and so always buy extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed olive oil for usage. Olive oil can also be used in many different cooking ways as it only coats, and does not penetrates, so foods fried in olive oil are less greasy than foods fried in other oil.



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