The French Loaf mixes ingredients to create plum cake weighing 17,000 kgs


Chennai, 15th October, 2015: The French Loaf, the fastest growing bakery chain in the country organized its annual ‘Cake Mixing’ event, creating yet another milestone achievement for them. Having tasted enormous success last year, the enthusiastic chefs of The French Loaf spearheaded by Corporate Chef, Boopesh mixed a variety of ingredients to create the massive 17,000 kilos of cake at its commissary in Guindy. Mr. Narendra Malhotra- CEO of Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. was present at the event to extend his support to the team.

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The energetic gathering mixed fruits like plums, peaches, pears, pineapples and apples. 1,760 kilos of tutti fruiti, 770 kilos of dry cherries, 715 kilos of dates, 440 kilos of cashew nuts, 330 kilos of orange peel, 330 kilos of ginger chips, 1100 kilos of white raisins, 165 kilos of mixed fruit jam were also blended along with this mixture. Apart from these common ingredients, The French Loaf team also used unique ones like 44 kilos of garam masala, 24 kilos of cinnamon sticks, 11 kilos of cloves, 11 kilos cardamom, 5.5 kilo of jadikkai and 3.3 kilos of bay leaves to make the cake exotic and delicious. This was soaked in 550 liters of premium rum to bring out the authentic festive flavor.

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