The fascinating world of Molecular Gastronomy


The food industry is a whole different world when you actually step into it, whether as a Chef, baker or even an hotelier. As a chef, you are expected to go beyond what already exists and are asked to unleash your creativity to find new dishes to impress your customers and that’s exactly what Chef Rahul Gomes Pereira, Chef Manik and team at Trident Hyderabad, have done.

Given that the practice of Molecular Gastronomy is an old one, for Hyderabad to venture into this brand new and an unexplored area, is quite a challenge. That said, thanks to them, foodies from across the city can now indulge themselves in an experience unlike others at Tuscany till the 25th of this month and try out their fantastic Molecular Gastronomy menu.

Our visit to this Italian restaurant was an interesting and fascinating one. With the perfect table by the window, we start our gastronomical journey with a vodka and peach based drink. We are given a portion of the Deconstructed Caprese – a Tomato spaghetti, mozzarella sphere topped with balsamic caviar. The burst of the mozzarella upon scooping up the dish mixes perfectly well with the tomoato flavor, making it oh-so delicious.

Up next was the Mushroom Cappuccino. A soup made with mushroom broth topped with parmesan biscotti and porcini dust. The smooth texture of the mushroom soup and the ting of flavor from the froth can turn anyone who dislikes mushrooms into loving it. For mains, we had Quiona Pearl Barley and Buffalo wings.  Between the quiona and Buffalo wings, we really enjoyed trying the quiona, for it got its flavours from the truffle oil crumble, Rucola and orange salad. While the Buffalo wings that came with blue cheese foam and red hot caviar, the flavours from the chicken overpowered the subtle flavor from the blue cheese foam.

For dessert, we had Earth. The one dish that will fascinate you most thanks to its presentation. To simplify things, Earth is a chocolate ball filled with the duo of wild berry and vanilla, plated with chocolate sand and truffle sauce poured over it. The hot truffle sauce melts the ball and lets you get a peek inside. It is absolutely sinful and a must try if you love chocolate.

What you take away from such an evening of trying molecular gastronomy, is that it’s all about experiencing the textures and flavours of the food through visual presentation. It is an experience everyone who loves food should indulge in.

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