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Siddharth Shashankan is a Chennai based fashion designer who is the Founder and Creative Director of Hangar Atelier. During his brief stint of studying automobile engineering, Siddharth found his calling in fashion designing. Since then, there has been absolutely no looking back.

Having always been inspired by art and design, Siddharth’s journey with fashion design picked up pace when he joined Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. Needless to say, Siddharth became a top student in this rather demanding course.

On his arrival in Chennai, Siddharth launched Hangar Atelier in October 2009. His love for classics combined with his knack for experimentation results in these designs being absolutely innovative and at the same time, timeless. Hangar Atelier boasts of a diverse clientele – from 15 year olds to 60 year olds, Siddharth dresses them all.

Sunitha Sarathy, a renowned playback singer, states, “Siddharth’s collections are refreshing with a twist as compared to other labels. His attention to detail and customised approach adds grace to every ensemble he designs”. Vasudha Kssheer, another of Siddharth’s prominent clients, says, “The crown jewel of the Hangar Atelier brand is its flagship studio in Gulmohar Avenue, Velachery where Siddharth exhibits his design sensibilities. To top it off, there is a plush boudoir where you can discuss your ideas with Siddharth”.

The Hangar Atelier studio at Velachery isn’t just a shop – it is an experience. This two-levelled concept studio helps you browse Siddharth’s designs, colours and envision the spectacular ensembles they can turn into.

Hangar Atelier retails under two labels: Hangar and Clipse.

Hangar offers traditional and contemporary ensembles for men and women via custom fittings and bespoke services. The DNA of these designs are made up of high quality fabrics and finishes, suave detailing and innovative designs. It expresses through its unique minimalism, focusing on urban modernity and individuality.

Clipse, the Diffusion Line by Hangar Atelier, retains the glamour and appeal that is synonymous with Hangar Atelier. Having said that, Clipse also incorporates a casual charm to its easy wear collection.

Over these six years, Hangar Atelier has truly blossomed into a love story of colours, patterns, textures and beautiful fabrics. 


Siddharth Shashankan is a Chennai based designer who graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore in 2007 with a degree in Fashion Design (Northumbria University, UK). A Keralite by birth, Siddharth did his schooling from Delhi and has always had an undying passion for design. In the three years at Raffles, Siddharth won the Customer’s Choice Award for the AIDS Awareness Project by The Singapore Health Board, and received wide critical acclaim for the collections he did whilst still at Raffles.

Siddharth launched Hangar Atelier in the October of 2009. As the Creative Director and Founder of Hangar Atelier, He believes in building a brand that inspires individualism and experimentation in both traditional and non-traditional ways. His designs convey the love of classics and the contemporary defiance of the new age; both of which can be seen in his labels (or works).




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