The ever-evolving Dating game


Indian dating has undergone changes and Happn dating app is steering it ahead. Get to know more about this unique dating and meeting app and how it helps the youth of today.


  1. What is the user spread for Happn and how are you looking at getting more people on the app?

Today, Happn accounts for 25 million users over some 40 major cities worldwide. Launched 6 months ago in New Delhi and Mumbaï, the app already amassed almost 600,000 across the country. Up-to-now, we’ve mainly grown thanks to word-of-mouth – the mere concept of Happn has proven to be a key to its success in most markets – and marketing efforts focused on social media. India is growing and is becoming an increasingly important market for Happn and we plan on focus our efforts in the region accordingly in the New Year ahead, with big news to be announced in the coming months.

  1. Who all comprise the target group for the app and how are you promoting the app amongst this target group?

Happn is primarily addressed to singles over 18 year-old living in big cities. We are particularly successful among people between 20 and 35 but we see people of all ages using the app. As a mobile app, our target audience is formed by connected people, active across social channels, this is why we chose to focus our marketing efforts on social media advertising and collaborating with local influencers.

  1. What is the potential for dating apps in India?

While India’s traditions and core values are pretty much the same as ever, some aspects have changed drastically. We are becoming digital in every sense, we have started heavily relying on technology for all activities such as shopping, networking, traveling, banking and now even dating. Dating used to be considered as a taboo but now social norms are being shattered and the urban youth is expressing a desire to take control of their own dating life. One of the main reasons for this is the shift in mindset due to westernization and changing paradigms of relationships. Hectic lifestyle has intensified the use of such dating apps. The young, tech-savvy men and women of India have easy access to smartphones, netbooks, and other such easy-to- carry gadgets and they are always ‘connected’ and looking to try new things through trendy apps. Dating apps in India are capitalizing on this trend and are booming! Online dating platforms promise to connect urban singles that are not just looking for casual relationships, but also a potential husband or spouse. However, unlike typical matrimonial platforms, they have a more liberal approach to India’s prevalent arranged marriage culture, wherein the singles can choose like-minded individuals on the basis of their likes and dislikes rather than religion or caste.

  1. Kindly specify the ways in which safety measures are incorporated to avoid inconvenience for users of the app

Since the launch of Happn in 2014, safety and privacy are at the core of our thoughts and concerns along with our promise to enable our users to find the people they’ve crossed paths with.

We have decided to implement Facebook Connect as the way to register on Happn in order to prevent fake profiles. As you may know, Facebook itself is particularly vigilant in that regards and has a strong policy to prevent fake profiles which makes it quite impossible to fake an account.

As regards the geolocation – that users accept when registering for the proper use of the app – we made it sure that it is impossible to localize precisely another user through the app and that one can only get the approximate position of the latest crossing points with oneself. Which means that you can’t track movement and/or get directions of other users via the app.

We empower our users and our community is our best safe guard: all and every users have the possibility to report misusage or inappropriate behaviors. It just takes 1 second by clicking on the “Report” button, accessible on any profile appearing on their timeline. Our support team is on call 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to carefully review manually (no bot involve) every single report and takes action when needed be.

More generally, the app is designed so that no one can stalk and/or harass any other user. Chatting is enabled only after mutual consent if and only if 2 people expressed they were interested in one another. Besides, you can block any user whenever you want (before or after you would have started a conversation) in one click, which will prevent you seeing his/her profile in your timeline and him/her seeing your profile in his/her timeline.




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