The essential David Bowie mix


David Bowie

As the cliché goes David Bowie was a musical chameleon. A chameleon that no doubt knew how to rock.

Bowie demonstrated his remarkable perception for fashion and musical trends at the peak of his career in the ’70s. Following the all-around music hall entertainer of the late ’60s, Bowie reinvented himself as a hippie singer/songwriter.

In 1972 the rocker redefined glam rock with his Ziggy Stardust persona. From the ’80s Bowie created his own version of sophisticated Philly soul, recorded three experimental electronic albums and his blockbuster dance pop album Let’s Dance.

Each one of his phases in the ’70s sparked a number of sub-genres, including punk, new wave, goth rock, the new romantics, and electronica. Few rockers ever had such lasting impact.

Check out our essential David Bowie mix

  1. Absolute Beginners –  Changestwobowie
  2. Changes – Hunky dory
  3. Diamond Dogs – Diamond Dogs
  4. John, I’m only Dancing – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
  5. Let’s Dance – Let’s Dance
  6. The Man Who Sold the World – The Man Who Sold the World
  7. Space Oddity – Space Oddity
  8. Wild Is the Wind – Station to Station
  9. Under Pressure – David Bowie feat. Queen
  10. Jump They Say – Sound + Vision





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