The English Farmer’s Brunch At The Kochi Marriott


Relax and relish the delicacies prepared for a fabulous Sunday Brunch! 

Sundays are meant to be fun and Kochi Kitchen is the perfect place to start a lazy relaxed Sunday. Kochi Marriott Hotel is elated to introduce The English Farmers Brunch at Kochi kitchen from 12th November 2017. The brunch features delicacies showcasing hot favorites like Fish and Chips, Charcuterie station, Country style egg station with English Bread station and old fashioned spiced beverages.

The good times continue to roll as we lay out an impressive range of desserts to choose from. The Sunday Brunch also has an array of fun activities for the kids to enjoy along with food that the kids will relish for a fabulous Sunday.

Restaurant: Kochi Kitchen, Kochi Marriott Hotel
Date: From 12 th November 2017
Brunch: 12.30pm till 4pm
For inquiries, please contact us on: 04847177777



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