“The Dance of Durga” Book Launched By Anushka Shetty


The Dance of Durga” – The book was launched by Film Maker Rajeev Menon, Actress Anushka Shetty and Director Ashwini Iyer (AmmaKanakku).

Rajjo was always different. Hauntingly beautiful and determined, her ability to predict the future marked her out as special even when she was a child growing up in rural Punjab. Married young to an abusive older man, she runs away to Rani Maa’s ashram. Here, Rajjo sets herself up as a Godwoman – rich and powerful – in the surreal world of the ashram, where belief, sensation and commerce come together in a heady mix.

Even as she settles into her new role as Durga, she falls passionately in love with Harsh Vardhan, who is married to another woman. Now Durga must choose. Will she fulfil her destiny or write her own future?

The Dance of Durga is a powerful drama about human desire, faith, and a woman’s journey to find true love.



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