The Connoisseur Collection by Vaniitha Jaiin X Dartington Crystal


Did you know that the flavor and aroma of potations are largely determined by the vessel? This gospel truth has led Vaniitha Jaiin, the leading Indian wine and spirits expert, and founder of The Perfect Pour to curate The Connoisseur Collection of finely-tuned set of nosing Whisky glasses and universal wine glasses. These dainty creations shall elevate your drinking experience to a heavenly state. The Connoisseur Collection has been designed in collaboration with the renowned UK-based glassware brand, Dartington Crystal (that has served the likes of the Royal Family) and ThinKitchen for the first time in India.

Heighten your sensory experience with these masterpiece series that are handcrafted with utmost dedication and perfection in England using age-old mouthblown glass-making skills. The Connoisseur whisky glass is designed to take subtle hints of flavors to an ecstatic flight. Its wide bowl and slender structure alleviate your sensory evaluations as you unwind and savour the color, taste, and scent of the spirit, releasing a full aromatic profile for an enhanced drinking experience.

The set of 2 Whisky glasses is priced at INR 6499.

The stunning universal wine glass not only aims to declutter your cabinet space, but it also brings out the textures and aromas in an enchanting manner. Its structure helps one to frame the dimensions of all varietals of wines, be it still, sparkling or port in an exuberant style, offering the perfect confluence of depth, length, and complexity to the drink. The brilliant craftsmanship is an ode to all the handcrafted wonders that are the earmarks of uniqueness.

Priced at INR 8499, the set of two wine glasses will unlock every element of the wines and acquaint you with an enriching experience with every sip.

The Connoisseur Collection is meant for novices and experts alike, which shall commence into the world of panache. These coveted masterpieces are available exclusively on

From now on, make every soiree memorable.



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