The Chai Sutta Ride


The story behind The Chai Sutta Ride is as simple as the name itself. As much as they care about the destination, its the journey that gives our riders the innate joy of riding a bike and being one with it.There is nothing more serene than riding out on a Sunday morning breakfast ride and then catching up with other bikers from your city at The Chai Sutta Retreat. Thats exactly what they do every fortnight.

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Bikers from all genres and fraternities gather at The Chai Sutta Ride’s Meet Up point in the wee hours of the morning. A small brief and we head out on a journey of mixed terrains that appeal to all the bikers. From an open highway stretch for the fast and zippy, to calm but twisty roads of our beautiful countryside. More than a serious biker centric ride, the Chai Sutta ride focuses on giving the rider and their bike the ultimate mashup of on-road and off-road fun. After they ride out from the meet up they ride straight to a pre planned breakfast joint from which they carry on to journey on to our final retreat.


In between the breakfast and retreat they make it a point to get their bikers out of bustling buildings and busy city roads and into more natural environments. Their handpicked “Chai Sutta Points” which are picturesque, one with nature and scenic are meant to tune you out of your daily worries and help you have a great relaxed Sunday.

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The Chai Sutta Retreat is a private beach house on ECR which aims to provide the ultimate chill scenes on Sunday afternoons. Good music, roaring waves, beautiful private beaches, hammocks under the sun, recreational and sit out facilities are a few to mention.Season 1 of the CSR is already begun and the rides are getting bigger and better. For more information, you can get in touch with them on 9840083060.The Chai Sutta Ride is a completely free event and does not have any registration charges as such.



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