The CCB All Set To Entertain At JTPac!


Inspiration Amidst All Odds!

The Catholic Congregation of the Blind is proud to present the music concert on June 19th at 7pm at JTPac. The group was formed in 1996 as a result of the spiritual renewal programme conducted for the blind at Konnakkuzhy, Thiruvananthapuram.  A few of them, inspired by the event, approached Rev. Fr. George Panackal VC as they felt they could utilize their talent and potential to serve the Church and Society. As a result of their constant effort under his spiritual guidance, Major Archbishop Cardinal Mar Antony Padiyara, recognized them as a Congregation and called them Catholic Congregation of the Blind (CCB), with a motto and constitution.


The Congregation has presently three entities; a charity wing that has the Orchestra, Braille Bible press and computer training centre. The professionally trained orchestra includes 42 blind artists. CC Blinds orchestra is part of CCB. It has more than 42 blind artists trained by the group. They had conducted orchestra programmes all over Kerala. All the Instruments and vocal are performed by totally or partially blind artists and arrangements for the programme are solely done by them. Mr. Robin leads the group.



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