The catchy promo of ‘All About Section 377’ is ready!



Section 377 has been the most talked about topic off late. It is a big day for the supporters of section 377. Director Amit Khanna, who had directed ‘Tutiya Dil’ and ‘Badmashiyaan’, has served the starter of his menu which is a whole new set of web series called ‘All About Section 377’.  The promo is out now and it reflects the joys and sorrows of people who have different sexual preferences and how they cope up with the society.


‘All About section 377’ is written and directed by Amit Khanna who is also an ace photographer who has shot the who’s who of the television industry. The web series consists of eight episodes which is produced by Weirdoze and the Creative Gypsy. It features Gulshan Nain who played the lead in Channel V’s Show ‘Friends Conditions Apply’, Ankit Bhatia, Mustafa Shaikh and Amit Khanna himself as well who marks his acting debut.


The promo is catchy, and definitely leaves a strong message by planting a serious thought in the minds of every individual. The promo will definitely hit hard to a lot of Homophobic people and their phobia just might come to an end.



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