The Blend By Chivas Studio


Chivas, the world’s first luxury blended Scotch whisky, set a new definition of luxury with Chivas Studio, in association with India’s renowned designer duo Shivan and Narresh. Hosted at Park Hyatt, Chennai is the fourth city on the national tour which will travel to eight cities. Chivas Studio, themed around ‘The Blend’, is a visual interpretation of the flavor families– Creamy, Citrusy, Fruity and Floral at the heart of the blend.

The exquisite evening crafted by Shivan and Narresh, witnessed the ‘Blend’ coming alive with four uniquely curated zones, an aesthetically designed bar, drinks, and great music. A lustrous‘Creamy’ setting was imbibed with the signature Praslin print, sending out a rich, travel vibe for those with an eclectic taste, representing the comforting smoothness and velvety body of Chivas Regal 12YO.

Portraying a delightful summer sensation, the ‘Citrus’ setting with the Sour Sop print delves itself into a fresh and citric feel, insinuating the uplifting Citrusy notes of Chivas Regal 12YO. The ‘Fruity’ setting was vibrant, lush and vivid, where the Vann print highlighted delicate flora showered in nipped and tiny buds, ready to bloom into glorious fruits. It represented the playful fruity notes of Chivas Regal 12YO.

The luscious cherry red hues of the Eden print in the ‘Floral’ setting revolved around ornate flowers and extensive foliage extracted from the vibrant Seychellois botany, representing the lively base of Chivas. While the design narration used art and decor to build the visual personality of the notes of Chivas, the classic Chivas bar showcased the flavor profile detailed through exclusive drinks. The evening left the audience enthralled with a blend of design, drinks & music. A luxurious, interpretive evening with a blend of design, performance, and taste.




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