The ‘Being Human’ clothing rules sports-grunge trend





Being Human, the clothing line with a heart, has decided to give your wardrobe a makeover as they bring in the Spring Summer season with their new arrivals inspired from global street sport style.

The brand has carried forward the Athleisure trend and incorporated a grunge vibe to it. Athleisure, as the name suggests, is the combination of athletic and leisure wear giving customers the leeway of dressing comfortably whether you are at office, college, shopping or on a date and keeping you at ease while making you look super stylish.

The collection primarily focuses on functionality and style, taking inspiration from street sports with innovative designs. It begets the key trend of high-low layered urban street style, trendy monochromes and longline silhouettes. The range brings out a mix of freshmen year and university trends with product highlights of the season being sporty track pants, jog pants and more.

Thus, all the men out there get your wardrobe right and nail the edgy athleisure trend with Being Human clothing and its unique combination of fashion, celebrity and philanthropy.



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