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The business of beauty is at an all time high. After all, who doesn’t want to feel good and look beautiful! Every beauty addict will admit that they constantly and discreetly check out tips from beauty gurus and beauty bloggers, who are generously dishing out beauty advice supported by equally amazing photographs and videos. Mastering the art of a smokey eye, cat eye or a perfect pout isn’t a cakewalk and these passionate beauty aficionados turned bloggers are giving you your fix of hair care, skin care and makeup tips for a picture perfect look. Meet five of Bengaluru’s top beauty bloggers who stand out from the pack for their edgy and informative content and photographs.

Blog name, your full name?
Style Refinery by Divya Maben ( It’s run by my sister Deepa Maben and I.

Do you have a day job? If yes how do you balance both your job, blogging and life in general?
Over the past year I’ve dedicated more time to blogging because it’s what I absolutely enjoy doing. I started off as a Stylist and Fashion/Brand Consultant and still do that when I find the time or a brand I’d enjoy working with. But I’ve been blogging and am very active on Instagram (@DivyaMaben) and just starting a Youtube channel (Divya Maben) which should take up most of Deepa’s and my time!

How are you different from others in this space?
I think my exposure of having studied and lived away has helped me tremendously because I know how beauty is so different from place to place. Moreover the reason why I think I’m different is because I try and stay true to my personal style in my content and don’t like to get too caught up only on what’s trending. A lot of people to tend to forget a blog is a platform where one expresses their personal likes or dislikes making it real for my readers. So, a lot of the looks we create can be sported by ALL women!

What are the top 5 beauty trends currently?
– Highlighting: It’s a great way to get your skin to look like it’s absolutely radiant!

– Ombre Lips: If you’re bold and daring you should surely try this trend out. It’s no more about the Ombre hair but the lips now!

– Matte Lips: Possibly one of my favourite trends. One of my favourite matte lipsticks are Nykaa’s paintsticks.

– Bangs: If you’ve been wanting to change your hair style and look super chic you should get some bangs. They look incredible and are only going to get even trendier.

– Statement Manicures: From long gel nails to patterns and rhinestones, nails have taken centre stage this season. So drop by a nail salon closest to you to get your fix!

How is the beauty business growing in India?
The beauty industry in India is growing at an exponential rate. From more women getting comfortable with the use of make-up and their willingness to experiment with new looks and products there’s a lot of scope for both Indian and foreign brands to capitalise.



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