The Beauty of Beer and Breweries: Over The Moon


Beer. That innocuous four letter word usually conjures up images of a cold, pale golden brew being consumed on a hot summer’s day with friends with much mirth all around or a prominently positioned six pack on the table during a football game with buddies. Aside from being the world’s oldest documented alcoholic beverage, and third most popular drink (after water and tea), beer holds a special place in our hearts. It is a social phenomenon – an unpretentious drink that’s easygoing and speaks to everyone the world over. A drink brewed by monks and commoners, by big behemoths and small microbrewers, beer does not discriminate.

The mention of beer in India until most recently also conjured up images of a green bottle with a bird on it (perhaps a prophesy that one day the owner of the company would take flight). This changed about eight years ago when the first micro brewing licenses were handed out to enthusiasts in Bengaluru, thereby ushering in the age of the microbrewery. From Biere Club to India, beer enthusiasts were finally given a taste of the locally brewed rich Weisens, crisp Pilsners, bitter Darks and innovative IPA’s. With microbreweries mushrooming all over Bengaluru, the day of the beer had truly arrived. Beer was no longer a drink to be consumed at Permit Rooms over a plate of spicy chicken 65. It had become a hip drink that friends could consume at high end, yet accessible places after work, and even places where many a first date happened.

The erstwhile unified state of Andhra Pradesh was consistently ranked as the highest consumer of beer in the country. It thus came as a surprise to many of us, that the microbreweries weren’t allowed to operate here for the longest time. All that changed a couple of years when Hyderabad was given its first license to open a microbrewery. Today, Hyderabad has as over half a dozen breweries vying for the top spot with many more waiting to open up.

Celebrating this, we went around the city to put together some of the nicest breweries around to help you make your decision easier…

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Place: Over The Moon
Owned by:
  Sanjeev Mehta and Sanjay Batla
Brewed by:
The man and brains behind our brewery is Nikolai, a renowned brewer for 10 years from Europe. He’s been in and around Europe creating and developing brews for years now.
Matures in: It takes about 3 weeks’ time to mature a good handcrafted beer.
Most selling beer: People here like wheat beer the most. Another major chunk of audience also loves the stout and also the ale. Apple cider and fruit cider is something that Hyderabad didn’t react very well too or didn’t enjoy is what I feel.
Specialise in: We specialise in experience as we are a complete package.
USP: We believe we serve the finest and most preferred brew in town. It’s not arrogance but certainty because we have put in a lot of efforts with one of the best brewers in the world and researched extensively to get the brew we currently have right now.
Price of a glass/pitcher: Rs. 225/Rs. 1000
Address: Over The Moon, 8th floor, Daspalla Hotel, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.



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