The Artist Project


The Artist Project  is an initiative that serves as a platform for handmade artisans from various parts of the country.It aims at showcasing the products of different artisans and bringing them the exposure they lack.It also helps bridge the gap between the urban crowd and rural artisans or any artisan who’s products are community restrained.A total of 7 artists have been featured so far,and the artists range from being college students to State awardees from Telangana and shoemaker based out of Auroville.In short, The Artist Project aspires to be a hub that’d allow for a healthy exchange of energy between their folks and the artists who interest them and promote talented creationists, who’s work would stand to exemplify handmade craftsmanship.

The founder , Abhinaya Rangarajan talks about how the idea came to her when she had moved to Bangalore for a brief period during the fourth year of her college, She had the opportunity to  travel quite a bit around Bangalore during which she  chanced upon a number of handmade craftsmen. She goes on to say, ” The one thing I happened to notice in all the craftsmen that I met and had the chance to speak with, was that they still stay at the same spot where they started off from, while the middlemen who import the goods mint all the money.There was no up-gradation in their lifestyle in-spite of them throwing in their maximum effort, time and labour.”

This thought lingered around in her  head for quite a while  as she had to finish her degree and she wasn’t able to act on it back then.  But once she was done with college , she shared her ideas with a few friends  they were very receptive and asked her to explore her idea giving birth to The Artist Project !





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