The Anytime, Anywhere Drink


A brewery nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats in Goa has been brewing the spirit of wellness and joie de vivre. Borécha is your anytime, anywhere drink. It can peep out of your gym bag, nest cozily in your office satchel, listen in to conversations around a conference table replacing bottled water in plastic bottles, and be the life of a party, either as a standalone drink, a delicious mixture with any stiff drink you fancy or a mellow cocktail. Adieus sugary colas.

This low-calorie drink is 0% guilt and 100% health. The flavours range from the bold to the classic to the sublime. You can actually feel each flavour, as you name them, taking you back to associations with the fruit. They are Piña Colada, Guava Chilli, Jasmine, Rose Cardamom, Roasted Coconut, Mango, Orange, Cola, Sicilian Lemon & Lime, Hawaiian Passion Fruit, and Cuban Watermelon Mojito. And finally, our very first, the Classic Borécha, an emotional favourite with veteran Borécha lovers.

Borécha clearly is India’s largest Kombucha brand with the most widespread national distribution network. Available both online and on shelves across India from metros to quaint towns like Nainital, Borécha clearly is India’s largest Kombucha brand today.

Available online on and www.Boré



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