‘The 1st Iconic Mascot in ECR – Oliver Blu’ launched by Radisson Blu Temple Bay


Radisson Blu Temple Bay launched ‘The 1st Iconic Mascot in ECR – Oliver Blu’ In association with Dr Supraja Dharani (Founder, Tree Foundation) – On preserving the life of turtles and wildlife conservation.

Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu – Radisson Blu Temple Bay Resort is elated to announce the launch of its mascot: “Oliver Blu”.


Oliver Blu will not only be an advocate for the luxurious beachside resort but also for the oceans and will be a face to the conservation efforts the resort supports. Oliver Blu is an 18-year-old Olive Ridley turtle who adores Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay and the efforts the resort extended in times of natural calamity. Oliver now loves to explore, and share tales from the past and will be a perfect introduction to Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay.

Oliver Blu has been launched along with our esteemed guests at the resort. The blue and white backdrop by the ocean set the perfect stage to have conversations on sustaining our environment and building a strong community. Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay executive Shabin Sarvotham – Senior General Manager mentions “Oliver Blu is a missing piece we have been looking forward to creating for years. The Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay family has been blessed to have the opportunity to build a home to sustain the environment around us and this is another step to involve our patrons in this endeavor. Olive Ridley turtles hold a special place in the hearts of those at Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, and we are elated to now have one in our family.

Over their long years of service, Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay has built everlasting relationships with environmental conservation organizations such as the Madras Crocodile Bank and the Tree Foundation. Vikram Cotah – CEO, GRT Hotels and Resorts “At Radisson, we strive to create cleaner and greener spaces to not only do our part in working to help reduce the effects of climate change on us as humans but also to help other species out. Being able to be an integral part of the Olive Ridley mating season these past few years has been rewarding so this was only a logical step forward for our team.”



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