The 1st edition of ‘Duchess Spring Fest by the Duchess club


Spring is the time when fashionistas shop for ensembles for summer, resort holiday, destination weddings and vacations abroad. Duchess club welcomes this season of spring with “The Duchess Spring Fest” pop up exhibitions with an interesting array of crafted and curates products ranging from ensembles, accessories, jewelry, home-style product etc.  From Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. A delightful festive morning of shopping, Music and popup style informal workshop demos in the midst of our colorful Duchess Spring fest awaits you!

Our Branding sponsor Zingbi Lifestyle India Pvt Ltd is one of Asia’s largest multi-designer store. This sprawling 7000sq.ft fashion destination is located in Gopalapuram, a premium locality in Chennai. It houses a collection of 40 different designer’s outfits at a time. With designers from major fashion weeks and updated with the latest international fashion trends. Zingbi is the luxury designer shopping extravaganza in the city. The fashion categories the store caters to include bridal, print, ready to wear and accessories


When : 1 March 2019

Where: Savera Hotel from 10 am to 9 pm.



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