Tesla to launch selfdrive robotaxi by 2020


Tesla co-founder Elon Musk is looking to push the boundaries of automotive technology. Musk has now said that Tesla is aiming to launch ‘robotaxis’ as part of its broader vision for achieving autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020. Musk further revealed that all new vehicles are now being produced with a custom full self-driving computer chip which meets the hardware requirements for the self-driving facility.


Self-driving service would be operational once the development of the required software is complete. Musk expects it to be ready at a reliability level by mid-2020. He also explained that however, the autonomous robotaxi fleet will need regulatory approvals. Tesla is looking to enable its customers to list their vehicles to the company’s own ride-sharing app which will be similar to Uber.

Tesla’s robotaxi vision comes at a time when Musk is also looking to expand its offerings in India next year. Earlier in March, Musk said he would “love to be in India this year, in not, then definitely by next! In November, he had also hinted that his company has plans to establish a ‘partial presence’ in India, Africa, and South America by the end of next year with an aim to expand further in 2020.



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