Tech Giant to Use Bengaluru As A Base To Build Microchips For Smartphones


Google has grown from the time it was just a software company. Its current top-level hardware lineup includes Google Pixel smartphones, Chromecast, Pixelbooks, Assistant-powered Google Home and more. However, now the IT giant is planning to take a new leap by undertaking the development of hardware products such as Pixel Visual Core chips, Titan or Titan M security chips, and Tensor Processing Units (TPUs).

The company recently posted a requirement on LinkedIn and hired at least 20 engineers for its G-Chips team. Google is planning to hire more engineers soon and this new team will have its setup in Bengaluru which is the technology development hub or silicon valley of India. The company intends to hire two people for executive positions. Bengaluru has been a center for development of semiconductor since more than 20 years now.

One of the reasons new players including Google are favoring Bengaluru is because the city has lots of experts and veterans in this field. As per the report, at least 16 of the hired employees have a couple of years of experience working in big-time chipmakers including Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA, and Broadcom in Bengaluru. Other reports and posts on the recruiting platform of the company indicate that the number of new hirings could grow to around 80 members by the end of this year.

The team will have the responsibility to fine-tune and test the prototypes prior to sending them to manufacturers. Presently, Google makes processors for its data servers, and image processing chips for its Pixel smartphones. Diverting its investment in the development of microchips and that too in India is an indication that the company aims to boost its profit margin. However, it is just an assumption that microchips being tested by Google in the IT hub of India are for its Pixel devices. It may not be true as well.



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