Tea bag used by late Queen Elizabeth II goes on sale for Rs 9.5 lakh


A tea bag used by the late Queen Elizabeth II is on sale on Ebay for Rs 9.5 lakh. Soon after the Queen’s death, people started listing her memorabilia for sale. This included a tea bag used by her in 1998 that was put up by a user on Ebay for USD 12,000 which works out to approximately Rs 9,55,872.

Reports say that this tea bag was smuggled out of Windsor Castle in 1998 by a special exterminator and it had its Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Institute of Excellence in Certificates of Authenticity.
Some of the other items listed on Ebay were two life-sized wax statues of the Queen. Each figure is said to have real human hair, resin eyeballs and teeth designed using dental veneer templates.



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