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Nothing beats the feeling of indulging in some soulful Indian food. The Indian Canteen (TIC) is a delivery/catering only brand in Bengaluru specialising in Indian Street Food, Regional and Royal Family recipes inspired by the stirring streets of India with a wee bit of innovation. The food at The Indian Canteen is delivered with simple elegance, however, the depth of it that one experiences on their palate is the outcome of exploring the roots of these dishes by their journey through time and geographies.
The menu offers an array of regional cuisines with a fresh approach and lays emphasis on the fact that Indian food can be rich and tantalizing without being heavy. The diversity of Indian food is evident in the menu and the cuisines come together in a surprisingly harmonious and lasting manner. TIC aims to break down gastronomical barriers by bringing authentic Indian street food with a whole lot of soul to Bengaluru.
The Executive Chef, Shilendra Singh Rana who’s most recent stint has been Jalesh Cruise and The Lalit, Jaipur showcases an elaborate menu which will be available all day, from 11 am until 11 pm. Some of the highlights from the Street Food section include Chopped Beetroot Lollypop – Beetroot, fried potato in Indian spices coated with semolina with mint chutney. Boondi Ghewar Chaat – topped with chutneys, yogurt, spices. Deconstructed Samosa Chaat – 2 mini samosas crushed and topped with cheese, chutneys, onions, finished in the oven. Magodi Spring Onion Chaat – Spicy magodi (Moong Dal Dumplings) with mint chutney, spring onions and mashed potato. DIY Pani Puri – Semolina puri, dry peas, potato stuffing, chaat masala and our secret spice mix. Choose from the Gauava/Pudina Khatta/ Meetha Paani or the Pineapple flavored Paani to go with. Chicken Tikka Samosa – A Crispy fried chicken tikka samosa, mint and tamarind chutney.
Try the Lamb Kheema Burritto – A whole lot of India with a hint of Mexico; these roomali roll wraps are stuffed with minced lamb, rice, finely chopped brown onions, mint, Yeh Lo Vegan Burrito – Home made samosas wrapped up with some rice and tangy chutneys in a wholesome roomali roll. Lagan Ki Boti – An Awadhi style, boneless mutton leg with whole spices, smoked flavour of cloves and bay leaf. Murg Kandhari Tikka – Beetroot infused jamun vinegar chicken with garam masala, finished in a tandoor. For the mains Laal Maas – A Royal Delicacy with tender mutton pieces cooked in exotic Rajasthani Lal Mirch, garlic and a generous serving of yogurt. Dal Baati Churma – Yet another favourite Rajasthani dish of baked round wheat bread (Baati), spicy dal made with 5 kinds of lentil and a lightly sweet Churma crumble . Tangri Dum Biryani – Awadhi style, slow cooked and layered aromatic dum biryani with chicken leg, yogurt, spices, ghee. Or the Champaran Gosht
A famous Bihari preparation, mutton slow cooked in dum style to perfection in a clay pot with mustard oil, onions, ginger garlic paste and spices are a great bet. If the menu seems overwhelming, opt for their curated and delicious regional meal boxes like the Kapoor and Sons, The Ulimate Bong or The Rajastan Regiment to name a few..
For those looking for guilt free indulgence the Malai Ghewar Tart made in ghee with flour, mawa, nuts, Sugar Free White Ras Malai – A milk based dessert topped with pistachio, almonds and saffron and Gulab Ki Kheer – A luxurious kheer made with fresh rose petals, rose water, milk, cardamon and gulkand are a must try.
“With TIC we aim to bring a whiff of nostalgia to charm customers by tapping on a few dishes that bring back the good old memories of eating authentic, soulful Indian Food at a Chandni Chowk, Parathe wali Galli, The Highway Dhabas or a the Chowpatty Beach, which not only serve chaats but decadent kebabs, curries, Paratha’s, biryani and mithai’s. While we all love indulging, we also know how conscious people are about their health, especially in times like now. Hence, we have curated our menu and the ingredients that go into making it in a way that it’s not overwhelming, and with minimal oil as well as sugar. We have a host of healthy dishes on the menu too. ”
“We wanted to reintroduce people to simple joys in food and have left no stone unturned – Be it the quality of food, the portion size, the packaging and the overall experience of indulging from comfort of one’s home. Coming to our deliveries, they are packed in paper bags with recyclable to-go containers with a personalised thank you note. I strongly believe that food is an expression of care, of coming together – hence the whole interaction is designed to make customers feel taken care of because that’s what food is ‘an expression of care’ ”, says the founder – Shylesh Jain.
The delivery is offered via Swiggy and Zomato. Customers can also choose to takeaway via Dunzo.
Call: 080-41536428.



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