Taste of Britain


We all know how curry is quite literally the national dish of Britain. While its roots are Indian, the concept of curry in the UK according to Michelin star chef Dominic Chapman includes kababs, roti, naan, curries etc. Having said that, the pot pourri of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis have tweaked Indian cuisine to give it a unique touch.

Focussing on this very aspect, The Taste of Britain Curry festival by Park Hyatt Hyderabad & Curry Life Magazine is currently on. A team of the UK’s best curry chefs are presenting 80 dishes, many high street favourites including British Chicken Tikka Masala and Balti dishes.

At the media lunch, we got to sample the Salmon Dhania Tikka [delicious], the Oregano Chicken Tikka which was like our ajwain tikkas, lemon potatoes etc. In the mains we had the Chicken Tikka Masala which had a gravy sweetened with a touch of coconut and mango in the gravy, Shatkora Gosht [a meat curry made sour with a local lemon like fruit called Shatkora], Kabuli Baingan – brinjal cooked with chick peas and Dal a la Kent among other dishes.

While essentially Indian, the mildly spiced dishes were slightly different from our fiery and full bodied curries. The dishes were tasty nonetheless.

Chef Chapman who is always inspired by the richness of Indian cuisine will be making his special dishes like the Sunday Roast, a Shepherd’s Pie and other English favourites during the festival along with his team of chefs who will be making close to 80 dishes that are popular in Britain.  

The festival is on till the 21st of June at The Dining Room with a curry buffet setup priced at Rs 1500 per person plus taxes and at Tre-Forni Bar & Restaurant, is a special spread arranged at Rs 2200 with specialties by Dominic Chapman.



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