Taste of Arabia


Try from a bounty of Middle Eastern deliciousness as Taste of Arabia brings your favourite Chef Rami from The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai back to Bangalore. Expect heartwarming flavours from Syrian, Moroccan, Persian & Lebanese cuisines, served with the endearing hospitality of this beloved chef who will be in the city for the third time now. Hailing from Syria and trained in classical French cuisine Chef Rami Almakt from The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, quickly turned around the dining scene at his restaurant, Amaseena, the hotel’s Arabic Bedouin tented dining experience with his team of deft chefs and fabulous cuisine. His style of cooking is a flavoursome rendition of fresh ingredients keeping the nuances as authentic as possible. Nostalgic of his home in Syria and reminiscent of his mother’s style of cooking, Chef Rami showcases authentic Syrian, Moroccan, Persian and Lebanese cuisines which are manifested in his robust tagine, delicate cous cous, and a captivating array of mezze.
From a cyclic menu that will be on from April 24-30, you can sample some of his delightful specialties like Persian style Sea food saffron soup, Iranian mixed grill, Moroccan style lamb tagine with dry fruit and Zallouk – an eggplant dish. Since Arabic sweets are known for their lavish style and gorgeous richness, the meals will not end before guests have tucked into some decadent desserts like the rich um ali with dry fruits or the Lebanese panna cotta style Mouhalabieh. Chef Rami will showcase an array of Arabian delights like a stellar line-up of Mezze, fatayer, sabousek, shawarma and fragrant Arabic rice. Taste of Arabia will showcase guest Chef Rami’s specialties across a week where diners can get an authentic taste of Arabia every evening for dinner.
Where: The Market, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore.
When: April 24-30, for dinner only.



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