Taramani audio launched by ‘SUPERSTAR’ Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth released the songs of TARAMANI as Director Ram and Composer Yuvanshankar Raja dedicates ‘TARAMANI’ to Na Muthukumar
As a tribute to late legendary lyricist Na Muthukumar, the team TARAMANI has released an exclusive video on Youtube recently, and that video titled as ‘From the Bottom of Our Hearts’ has gone viral among the Audience within few minutes. Produced by J Satish Kumar of JSK Film Corporation and Directed by Ram, the Urban – Romantic – Tale TARAMANI has the scintillating music of Yuvanshankar Raja. The music album of TARAMANI, a tribute to Na Muthukumar, was released by Superstar Rajnikanth on 30th December, 2016.
Director Ram visibily excited on getting the album released by the Super Star said Quoted: “ We are glad with the recognisation we got for our efforts from Rajini sir. At the same time my heart bleeds for my friend and soul mate Na Muthukumar. More than 1500 songs and Two National awards, Na Muthukumar ruled as a King in Tamil Film Industry for more than ages by his heart skipping lyrics. TARAMANI will never be his last …as far as we  are concerned he lives eternally in words .
Yuvanshankar Raja Quoted: “Na Muthukumar’s lines has given me a drastic change in my Music Career. ‘From the Bottom of Our Hearts’ we dedicate our TARAMANI album to my best partner Na Muthukumar.”


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