Tantalising Aromas of Good Food


Larhmeen as the name depicts, is the art of slow cooking. A timeless beauty of taste and tradition, the makers of Larhmeen come with a beautiful history of mastering this art of culinary.
The secret recipes with enviable stories of success and applaud are a few things that the Larhmeen family harbours since generations. From the lip-smacking varieties of biryanis to the ‘melt in the mouth’ riwayati and makhmali tikkas, every dish in Larhmeen’s menu is curated to transport you to food heaven.
Enjoy the IPL 2020 with the Big Biryani Festival with mouth watering options from Kalmi and Tangdi biryani to the delish larhmeen dum mutton biryani and murgh degh biryani. To further pamper your taste buds, Larhmeen offers their unique Nalli Gosht Biryani and Naati Murgh Biryani.
Larhmeen is not just about the cuisine, it’s about the experience. Being able to not only savour the taste of an ancient cuisine but also to be able to share the history of the region with every bite. Chef Mohd. Suhaib Khan ensures that every biryani box that goes out of his cloud kitchens is cooked to perfection.
So if you’re looking for a slice of food heaven, try Larhmeen’s biryanis. They also host Catering & Party Orders.
Order at www.larhmeen.com
Call: +91 8382848848.



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