Taking fitness to apartment communities in Bangalore


To overcome the monotony of daily workouts, Gympik, the Bangalore-based online fitness discovery platform to wants to organize the whole gamut of fitness services available at apartment communities in the most convenient way.

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“While most apartment complexes in Bangalore have a gym, yoga center or other facility to work out, they are hugely under-utilized and don’t have trainers or proper workout programs to keep the residents going. Gympik is trying to bridge this gap,” said Amaresh Ojha, founder of Gympik.

Unlike traditional workout methods, Gympik’s flagship offering for communities – Fitfusion – is where residents get to do a mix of different activities like Zumba, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, weight training etc. in a group which breaks the monotony of doing similar work-out every day, brings fun and interaction in the group, and helps residents socialize with their neighbours also.

“After talking to several apartment community bodies, we had identified that connecting them to trainers is not enough. The goal is to ensure that they find the workout fun and engaging. So, we have come up with the concept of ‘Fitfusion’ wherein residents get best of the workouts without getting bored and we take the complete responsibility of streamlining and organizing the classes schedule, timings and batches”, Ojha said.





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