Taking a giant leap: Chaitanya V Cotha


These youngsters are extremely determined, raring to go and simply unstoppable. Here are some swashbuckling next-generation entrepreneurs on the Bengaluru block. Hailing from influential families in the city, they are poised to not just survive but thrive on their own. Be it taking the family legacy forward or carving their own niche, they are all set to soar the skies. Some with their start up spirits while the others juggling novel and innovative ideas into the existing ventures. Meet the all-powerful GenNext.

Text by Namita Gupta.

Chaitanya V Cotha, Frozen Bottle

Family foundation: Son of Triveni and Vinod Hyagriv of C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons who have been in the jewellery business since 1869, Chaitanya shares, “My relationship with my dad is like that of anyone from a family business. He is very demanding in terms of results. We have a very good relationship as he has really taught me how to run a business. He is a person who is very driven. I feel at his age he should be relaxing on a beach or something. Our relationship started off as any father and son and today as I have come into my own stride, we share a bond of business. Most of our discussions revolve around business and how to grow further.”

The written word: “I studied in USA at Regis University Denver. I can’t work for someone, so I’ve always felt I’d rather be my own boss. Also, I guess I did not want to work 40-hour weeks. Most entrepreneurs start their own business to get away from the hour work to work 24/7! Being dyslexic I always saw things differently and today it is my biggest strength. I tend to work with people and find the right business partners. This to me is the biggest advantage as you can’t do it all on your own,” states Chaitanya.

Biz whiz: Chaitanya runs Frozen Bottle with two other partners – Pranshul, coming from a great deal of experience in F&B and Arun from a real estate business which give them a winning combination, a luxury thick shake brand. “We believe that people today are on the go and want something that they can enjoy without feeling guilty on the calorie count. This is a model where we use small spaces in high traffic areas to help people take a break from their busy life. We have four outlets up and running in a short span of 1.5 months and three more opening soon. Finding the right business partners was a challenge and I have learned from all of them. It feels good when people say that my product is good. It was such a high when I got my first cheque for a job well done,” states Chaitanya.

Taking the Legacy forward: “No matter what I do, my family business is very important to me. I dedicate a lot of my time for my jewellery business. I would love to take the business forward and really grow more than what we are today. I don’t see anyone stopping me as you are your own limitation. Even with the challenges we have we are blessed to continue doing good business. I am a big believer in catching the opportunity when it arrives. I don’t spend too much time dwelling and thinking as I feel if you know in your gut it’s right, just take the leap of faith and make it successful. I am very much still involved in the family businesses, while also managing my startups. I do both hand in hand as life is too short to wait. I have been lucky to build a good system and teams around me for me to be in more than one business,” shares Chaitanya on how he successfully juggles between the family business and his own ventures.

Challenges of being a CEO: Talking of the challenges, he says, “Starting something from scratch is hard. There are a lot of things to look at as you are the office boy and the CEO. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but more a learning. I always want to improve and get better. I’ve been grateful to have my family’s support. My father has been the person off whom I bounce ideas. My mother is someone that gives me a balance of business and personal life. My wife Yagnika is the one that keeps me grounded and balanced. She really is my pillar os support as she is always there and understands the late nights at office and the many business trips.”

Life outside workplace: Chaitanya says, “My passions are cars and driving. This is something that I really enjoy. Apart from this I love travelling and exploring the world. I am out of the country almost every month. That gives me a lot to see and learn. I also like to learn new things and explore new businesses.”



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