Take a look at this designer pen by Lamy


A writing instrument, a social status symbol and a reflection of one’s personality, the pen in today’s time has evolved into a timeless entity with its own distinctive charm. Personifying this is the limited edition LAMY AL-star Charged Green pens recently launched by LAMY. An amalgamation of timeless design and perfect ergonomics, the LAMY AL-star Charged Green pens are touting to become the most preferred writing instruments for writers both old and young. The pens are equipped with distinctive recessed grips guarantying a high level of writing comfort particularly preferred by frequent writers.

LAMY Al-Star_charged-green_Fountain_pen (Copy)

The LAMY AL-star Charged Green pens are made of high-tech aluminum thereby making them highly durable and loyal companions through decades. The bright green colour of the LAMY AL-star Charged Green pens make them trend-setters and must-have accessories personifying the style and personality of their owners. The LAMY AL-star Charged Green includes fountain pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball pen. These products are all available at William Penn.



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