Symphony of Nature – By Designer Renu Gupta


Designer Renu Gupta showcasing eco-printing or dyeing collections in an exhibition entitled, ‘Symphony of Nature’ on November 29th and 30th, 2017 at Kaizen Design Accents, Chennai

Rang Rez by designer Renu Gupta showcasing her exclusive eco-printing or dyeing collection in an exhibition entitled, ‘Symphony of Nature‘. Her beautiful eco-printing collection including tunics, hand embroidered jackets, scarves and fabric all eco-printed and one of a kind. Eco printing is all organic, a natural process where plants are enclosed in textiles, bundled by winding over rods or stacked in layers and then steamed or immersed in hot water to extract the pigments and produce a print made with plant dyes. Prints with colours and forms both clearly defined and attractively diffused are produced by this process. The prints produced are one of a kind art pieces, which are then used to make garments scarves and stoles. Priced between Rs.3,000/- to Rs.10,000/-, available from 11am to 7pm at Kaizen Design Accents, 102, Green Ways Road Extension, R. A. Puram, Chennai. Ph : 044-24951502



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