Switzerland – the ultimate paradise


Romanticized by Yash Chopra in his movies, the tiny country of Switzerland is very much paradise on earth. Breathtaking scenery, snow-capped mountains, green pastures and meadows, wooden chalets only add to the charm of this land-locked country.

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The country is famed for its excellent railways that take you from one corner to the other in no time! Though small in size, Switzerland is a land where 4 distinct languages are spoken by its populace. While German is the tongue in the north, Romansh is spoken in the East, the Southern region of Ticino is where Italian is the mainstay, while French is spoken in the south-west of the country (Geneva region).

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As you slide through the snow, take in the charms of the meadows, enjoy the cheese fondue and cycle along the manicured roads, do take time to soak in the rich culture of this place while enjoying the hospitality.

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